CCF Barn (north end)

Barn (north end from Whitmer Road) 

A view to the southwest from Whitmer Road showing the north end of the barn (stall locations), entrance drive, parking lot, and two loafing sheds in the west paddocks (summer 2002).

Horse Barn (Stalls & Riding Arena)

Barn (east and north sides)

A view to the southwest from garden area near our residence showing east paddocks and "foaling stalls" at north end of the barn (early spring 2005).




Views of stall area in the north end of the barn.

Riding Arenas

 Indoor Riding Arena

Indoor Riding Arena

    View of indoor riding arena (72 by 100 feet) in the south end of the barn  (2004).

Outdoor Arena

Outdoor Riding Arena

View of outdoor riding arena (20 by 60 meters) north of parking lot (early spring 2005).


CCF West Center Paddock

West Center Paddock

View of west center paddock with loafing shed (April 2002).

East Paddock

East Paddock

View of East Paddock with loafing shed (September 2007).



West pastures

West Pastures

View of west pastures and loafing sheds in west paddocks (summer 2005).

East Pastures

East Pastures

View of east pastures (summer 2005).

Hay Field

CCF Hay Cutting (Summer 2002)

Hay Cutting (late summer 2002)

CCF Hay Raking (Summer 2002)

Hay Raking (late summer 2002)

CCF Hay Bailing (Summer 2002)

Hay Baling (late summer 2002)

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